My paintings are form of prayer; I go deep within my spirit, where colors, forms and textures flow through me. I paint from my heart, it’s a Love affair between the canvas and me, colors burst forth, organic and figurative shapes emerge as I work in the details. We are all connected in this synchronistic medley of nature and the Universe.

We become whole as we live our passion and walk the path of our True Nature. Then we Trust.

It’s taken decades of going within and following my heart so I can share these visions of Love and light.

Through my use of colors and subject matter, it is my intention to inspire healing and instill a sense of peace, harmony and bring balance into the lives of everyone.

While living the unpredictable life of an artist has been challenging, the rewards have been immense, learning to trust in the unknown has brought endless possibilities my way. Sharing this gift of inspiring words and imagery brings joy to my heart.

Being an artist is my calling, and sharing my creation is my legacy and gift to the world.

More of my artwork can be viewed at my spirit