Lori Felix was born in Queens, New York 1958. She began her art education at age sixteen, working from the model and sculpting in stone. After high school, she attended the Art Students League in New York City where she received many awards and scholarships. Lori studied figure painting and mural design. After extensive work at the Art Students League, she left New York to travel across the nation with the Renaissance Festival. Traveling throughout the diverse terrains in the United States was a visual inspiration.

She integrated the various textures, colors, and forms found in nature into her artwork. Lori continued to travel across the U.S.A and Mexico painting murals. Her studio was her home: a 21 foot motor home that took her on an odyssey that included creating custom interiors in private homes, restaurants, and salons.

Lori wanted to settle down and develop her art. She was wintering with other Renaissance Festival travelers in Magnolia Mississippi, a tiny historic community that became her permanent home in 2000.

Her house is a work of art always in progress. Each room filled with colorful pallet.

Living remotely allows her to be at peace with nature,which inspires the organic textures that are incorporated in her figurative, floral and mixed media collage paintings.

She works in a variety of mediums including polymer clay and laser cut wood goddesses and dolls.

An array of Organic textures , recycled can lids, tree bark, hand made papers are all used in her mixed media collages.

Her painting and collage becomes a way of prayer and meditation. Her creativity comes from a place deep within her spirit, were colors and forms, flow freely. She shares her harmonious and inspirational imagery to bring a sense of peace and awareness into everyone’s life.

At present she is actively exhibiting her work in multiple galleries throughout the United States. Continuously exhibiting new works as her style evolves, she is manifesting her dream of making a living as an artist. She is generously contributing to the start of a thriving local art community.

In 2005, Lori received A Fellowship Grant thru the Mississippi Arts Commission. Her solo exhibition "Celebration of Life" traveled the state of Mississippi and Louisiana thru November of 2006.The Commission selected her to showcase her work on the prestigious web site, southern, managed by The Southern Arts Federation. Lori’s work is dynamically growing as her knowledge in new techniques continuous to evolve.


Lori’s work can also be viewed on her website.