I explore different techniques on how to depict the unique patterns and textures found within nature and integrate this into the figure that emerges from the textural backround of vibrant colors. I capture the essence of nature by stamping with organic materials such as tree bark,leaves,wasp nests and lace. This ultimately reveals the interconnectedness of all life.

Story of Lori
In 2000 I bought 3 acres of land out in the country of Mississippi and I traded my work for lumber and had the frame of my house put up. Today it a continues to grow into a work of ART.
Figurative Gallery
Sensual Goddesses within the textural landscapes.
Floral Gallery
Floral images inspired by nature's perfect beauty.
Inspirational & Wood Plaque's Gallery
As I flow through my journey of life, I am searching for inner peace and truth. These inspirational images that I create from my heart will allow you to feel immense tranquility and peace.
Giclee print Gallery
Quality limited edition Giclee prints available on stretched canvas or fine art paper.
Organic Abstract Gallery
I print with organic materials to create these abstract paintings inspired by the sensual shapes and textures found in nature.
Landscape Gallery
My landscapes are done in different mediums including oils on canvas or wood, collage, or mixed media.The immense beauty of the Earth is the inspiration for the creative Landscape gallery.
Mixed media and scroll Gallery
I have so much fun working with recycled and found objects and organic materials
Polymer Clay
I create many pieces using polymer clay & even bake my polymer clay in a solar oven with weather permitting. I collage handmade papers,fabrics and yarns and then mount them on wood.
mixed media Goddess & Dolls
The Voodoo dolls are inspired from living near and selling my work in New Orleans. I love working with different materials such as yarns,trims and beads. Each Voodoo doll has a gri gri bag and is adorned with scull beads and more.
Divine Collaborations
A Divine collaboration of Art & Poetry created from two hearts that have been joined together after many years of separation. Together they celebrate and spread their Love thru Art and Poetry for you to enjoy.